VOICES Boston Concert Dress Shirt

For concerts, members of Prep, Circle and Gershwin and sometimes Bernstein and Copland will wear a Black Concert Dress Shirt.

If your child has a Black Dress Shirt that still fits from last year, you do not need to order a new one. However, if your child is new to VOICES Boston, or if he or she has lost or outgrown last year’s shirt, we ask that you purchase a new shirt. If this additional cost is a hardship for your family, please don’t hesitate to contact Cynthia at or call Katie DiMaria at 857-366-0034. If you have a Black Dress Shirt from last year that you can no longer use, feel free to donate it, to help another child.

If you have purchased your shirt with our bulk order, please make your payment using the buy now link below after choosing the appropriate drop down and filling  in your child’s name.

Black Concert Dress Shirt
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As you know, our mission includes: Providing children and young people — regardless of their musical and socio-economic background — with the opportunity to participate in creating excellent, inspired music and artistry and to experience the joy of sharing this with audiences worldwide.
If you would like to help a VOICES Boston Child in need, please feel free to donate the cost of a shirt.

To order your own shirt, please go to the following websites:

If your child is a boy or a small girl and wearing children’s sizes (rather than women’s) please order the Laydown Collar Non-pleated BLACK Dress Shirt Product Code M03

If your daughter is wearing women’s sizes (from 0 up) please order the Ladies Broadcloth Value Dress Shirt BLACK Item : 5363  (please make sure to click on the “size” drop down menu for accurate sizing).