The Tale of Moby Dick

VOICES Boston’s performance of The Tale of Moby Dick in May 2013 was the American premiere of a children’s opera by Raoul Gehringer, that tells Herman Melville’s well-known tale of Captain Ahab, and his obsession with taking revenge on the great white whale Moby Dick.    Through music, movement and evocative sets, and with the support of a chamber orchestra composed of musicians from the New England Conservatory, all 180 members of VOICES Boston [then PALS] brought the town of New Bedford, the sea, the ship Pequod and its tormented crew and the great white whale to life on stage.

Though based Hermann Melville’s dense and dark novel, the script of this opera was adapted so as to be accessible to a cast and an audience that include children.  The music uses modern techniques, but the opera maintains the tradition of the melodic leitmotif, making its intricate sonorities accessible and engaging for both music lovers and the general public, both children and adults.

The Vienna Boys’ Choir presented the World Premiere of this opera in 2004, and did not perform it again until February 2013, for the opening season of its new concert hall.    VOICES Boston’S (PALS’) American Premiere a few months later earned high praise.  Read the reviews in the Boston Globe and the Boston Musical Intelligencer.

Photo Gallery:

TMD_The Crew of the Pequod

New Bedford townspeople & whaling crew


IMAGE: VOICES BOSTON 2013 American Premiere of "The Tale of Moby Dick".

Captain Ahab & the crew of the Ship Pequod


TMD_Fish and the Ocean

Some members of the sea & sea life cast



May 3-5, 2013 at  Ellsworth Theater, Pine Manor College, Chestnut Hill, MA
Andy Icochea Icochea, Artistic & Music Director | Christian O’Neill,  Stage Director | Tom Robinson, Lights & Sets | Molly Quinlan, Stage Manager & Staff Conductor | Carey Shunskis, Staff Conductor | Claire Ludewigs, Drawings