Voices Boston

In kind donations
VOICES Boston welcomes donations of in-kind goods or services. Some items which regularly appear on our wishlist include:
  • Concert and rehearsal supplies (example: refreshments for the singers, flowers, costume materials).
  • Special events support (example: catering, technical and design services, venue use).
  • Administrative needs (including office supplies, publicity preparation and distribution).
  • Instrumental accompaniment at one of our performances.

If you think you might be able to help, we’d love to hear from you at kdimaria@voicesboston.org.

  • Sponsor a VOICES Boston chorister as a gift to, or in honor or memory of a loved one.
  • Leave a legacy to young people and the arts by including VOICES Boston in your will or trust.
  • List the VOICES Boston as a beneficiary on your retirement plan or life insurance.
  • Include VOICES Boston in your charitable remainder trust or gift annuity.
  • Donate stock and/or bonds to VOICES Boston.
  • Designate VOICES Boston for a company match, a community grant program, or a year-end giving program.
  • Attend or contribute to our concerts and opera events.

Please contact us at kdimaria@voicesboston.org if you might be able to help in any of these ways!