Voices Boston

VOICES Boston 2020-2021 COVID Instruction Plan
Spring Session – Hybrid Option or Fully Remote

COVID-19 Protocols for Hybrid Enrollment:

1. Each singer will have their temperature checked as they arrive. 

2. All singers must be masked the entire time. No food or drink will be permitted in the rehearsal room. You can purchase a special singer’s mask here. Please be sure to order in black if you decide to buy one!

3. Singers will maintain a distance of at least 10 ft. between one another at all times. 

4. Ensembles larger than 12 students will be split into separate cohorts.

5. Singing work will be capped at 30 mins. Additional rehearsal time will be used for non-vocal work. 

6. The room we are using has excellent air circulation and is lined with large windows (approximately 8 ft. tall) that will be kept open to allow for safe air circulation during rehearsals

Singers can choose to enroll in the hybrid option or the fully remote option for our Spring Session. Zoom will be set up in the rehearsal room to accommodate any singer who would prefer to attend remotely.