Voices Boston

Vocal training

VOICES Boston believes that the ability not only to read music but to sight-sing, enables children to learn a richer repertoire and to develop their interpretive skills. This deepens them as musicians, and enriches their enjoyment of music throughout their lives.

Children singing in VOICES Boston develop a tremendous bond. They work over a period of years to build a special sound that they can only achieve as a group. This team experience cultivates musical sensitivity and a community-based work ethic. At the same time, VOICES Boston views each child as an independent singer; a soloist within the ensemble. We help each child develop a complete spectrum of resonance—the full voice. The VOICES Boston sound is a powerful, vivid resonance based on the combination of these unique voices. Within this context, VOICES Boston has a versatile, colorful palate; the children learn how to use their individual voices in many different ways.

VOICES Boston ensures that even our very youngest singers develop relaxed vocal habits, correct alignment, deep breathing, connection to the lower body and awareness of resonance. As children continue in the program, they gain a repertoire of expressive sounds and the technical understanding of how to create them, and learn to sing in dozens of foreign languages.