Voices Boston

Vocal Training and Music Literacy


At VOICES Boston, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional musical training experience that goes beyond the ordinary traditional choral experience. Our young singers are nurtured by highly-qualified, conservatory-trained conductors and guided through a journey of vocal training that emphasizes both teamwork and individual growth. Children singing in VOICES Boston learn to work as a team, which cultivates both musical sensitivity and a community-based work ethic. At the same time, VOICES Boston views each child as an independent singer, and helps each child master essential vocal techniques to fully develop their unique voice as a “soloist within the ensemble.” VOICES Boston ensures that even our very youngest singers develop relaxed vocal habits, correct alignment, deep breathing, connection to the lower body, and awareness of resonance. As children continue in the program, they gain a repertoire of expressive sounds and the technical understanding of how to create them.

Furthermore, VOICES Boston believes in the profound importance of music literacy. We empower our singers not only read music, but also become proficient in sight-signing – enriching their interpretive skills, broadening their repertoire, and deepening their musical experience. Our approach fosters linguistic, stylistic, and cultural diversity, allowing our singers to explore, experience, and promote a deeper understanding of the world through music. The incorporation of guest artists from professional opera, Broadway, choral, world, and popular music genres enhances this process, exposing singers to diverse musical experiences and perspectives.