Voices Boston

Integrated Artistry and Dance

At VOICES Boston, we believe in the fusion of singing with acting and dance – a blend of methods of artistic expression that shapes well-rounded young artists. Our innovative approach, known as “Integrated Artistry,” seamlessly weaves together these disciplines, elevating each child’s capacity for creative expression. In our program, musical concepts and skills come to life through expressive movement, encouraging students to engage not only their minds but also their bodies and emotions. This unique approach nurtures a sense of comfort and confidence on the stage, empowering students to take artistic risks. 

Dance takes a central role in Integrated Artistry, with dedicated weekly instruction encompassing modern, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, world, and improvisational techniques. These dance forms are interwoven with diverse musical repertoire. Our dance curriculum hones ensemble skills, fostering sensitivity, generosity, leadership, and precision. As dancers, students develop stylistic expressiveness and the courage to improvise, cultivating a deep understanding of artistic unison (moving, understanding, acting, and reacting as one) and embodied listening.

As a part of our spring theater session, students engage in creative dramatic exercises, nurturing expressive vocal, body, and facial communication. Games and activities facilitate the use of these expressive tools for storytelling, fostering a sense of play and creative engagement within the structured rehearsal context.

The result of this integration is evident in VOICES Boston’s performances – compelling showcases where confidence, artistic daring, and full engagement shine through.