Voices Boston

Integrated Artistry

VOICES Boston is dedicated to transforming children into engaging, compelling performers. As a children’s chorus, VOICES Boston emphasizes singing and music, integrating with acting and dance, magnifying each child’s expressive capacity. We teach musical concepts and skills through expressive movement, encouraging students to learn with their bodies and emotions, as well as their minds. The result is an ensemble of children who feel at home on stage, are comfortable taking artistic risks, and have a wealth of tools through which they can connect with audiences.


Through VOICES Boston’s dance program, each child becomes a versatile, multi-talented performing artist. Our staff works together to cultivate ensemble skills including sensitivity, generosity, leadership and precision. Our children develop a more advanced understanding of artistic unison, embodied listening and physical awareness. As dancers, they develop stylistic expressiveness and courage to improvise. The VOICES Boston staff believes in art as a form of communication which is at once generous, sensitive and brave.

In the VOICES Boston Children’s Choir, children have one hour of dance each week, with a curriculum that embraces modern, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, traditional African and improvisational techniques, with a musical repertoire including jazz, funk, popular, classical and world music. Our artistic staff, strives to translate music into a visual, physical form, in addition to telling a story.

During the two months leading up to the opera, our stage director leads VOICES Boston students in a series of creative dramatic exercises, designed to develop the expressive use of their voices, bodies and expressions, as well as sessions for staging the opera. The children play games teaching them to use these expressive tools to tell a story. As actors, students learn how to have fun and engage in creative play in the context of a professional rehearsal process.

Whether a student is dancing, singing or acting, the transformation into becoming an integrated performing artist is apparent. VOICES Boston performances are powerfully compelling, because the performers are at once confident, artistically adventurous and wholly engaged.