Voices Boston



The mission of VOICES Boston is:

  • To provide children and young people — regardless of their musical and socio-economic background — with the opportunity to participate in creating excellent, inspired music and artistry and to experience the joy of sharing this with audiences worldwide.
  • To positively impact the lives of the children and young people, building confidence, discipline and leadership and a passion for music that will last a lifetime.


VOICES Boston aims to be a world-class performing arts group for young people in greater Boston that is locally and internationally known for its irresistible spirit and high quality productions of international classical choral music and opera.

Values and Core Beliefs

VOICES Boston is guided by the following values and core beliefs:

  • Music is powerful.
  • Making and performing music is a powerful tool for young people to develop as citizens and human beings, providing confidence, a means of expression, a sense of community, the tangible rewards of hard work and the joy of creating beauty for others to enjoy.
  • Music and performance allow young people to develop extraordinary skills in teamwork and collaboration.
  • Excellent art should be accessible to all.
  • All children, if they commit to regular practice, are able to produce musical performances of the highest quality.
  • Musical background and financial means should not determine a child’s ability to achieve and create artistic excellence.
  • Music opens one’s eyes and heart.
  • Singing a broad repertoire of music from around the world creates a deep understanding and love for different cultures.
  • Traveling to other countries is an enriching experience furthering the personal and musical development of the ensemble’s participants.
  • Making music with people from other countries in other countries is a life-changing experience that empowers, inspires and builds strong bridges.