Voices Boston

Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement

VOICES Boston is a leading children’s choir organization that exists to enrich the lives of young people in the Boston area. We provide a nurturing environment for artistic growth that fosters confidence, discipline, leadership skills, and an abiding love of music. We aim to positively impact the lives of children by providing high-quality music education and inclusive opportunities for collaborative music-making. 

Vision Statement 

VOICES Boston aspires to be a world-class performing arts group accessible to all young people in the greater Boston area, known for its exceptional choral and theatrical productions spanning a diverse range of musical genres, languages, and cultures. We firmly believe that ensemble learning empowers children to create art that is simultaneously meaningful, inspiring, and joy-filled. We embrace the unique talents and potential of each child, inspiring them to actively pursue personal and artistic growth, cultivate a sense of community, develop a lifelong love of music, and make a positive impact in the world. 

Values and Core Beliefs

VOICES Boston is guided by the following values and core beliefs:

  • We strive to be a community that actively promotes the shared values of accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity and fosters artistic expression that contributes positively to the world.
  • Collaborative music-making is a powerful developmental tool to build confidence, discover artistic expression, create community, and cultivate leadership skills.
  • Ensemble learning develops skills in teamwork and communication that impact all aspects of students’ lives.
  • The unique perspectives and voices of children are inherently valuable, contributing to their ability to create meaningful and high-quality art.
  • Art should be accessible to all: musical background and financial means should not determine a child’s ability to participate, create, and work towards fulfilling their artistic aspirations.
  • Studying and performing diverse and multifaceted repertoire from around the world creates a deep understanding and love for different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. 
  • Community-based performance collaborations nurture students’ abilities to be engaged citizens and provide enriching opportunities for personal and musical growth.
  • We seek to provide a safe, accepting, and affirming space for students to celebrate their personal expression and exploration of true self and personal identity.